Dr. Peshotan Jalnawalla
Dr. Peshotan Jalnawalla

“I have observed Dr. Prajakt Binayke carrying out procedure on a patient. I was impressed with his professional approach and kind and encouraging conversation with the patient. I am sure this attitude of his will take his far in his professional career. My best wishes to Dr. Prajakt.”

Shehernaz Jalnawalla

“A person is never very comfortable to be on a dental chair but as a patient I have Found Dr Prajakt to be a very patient, gracious Humane with exemplary good manners, who makes the person feel as comfortable as possible. Wishing Dr. Prajakt all the best.”

Dr. Mona Shah
M.D. Homeopathy

“I can describe Dr. Prajakt Binayake in one word “THE PERFECTIONIST”. His work is his passion. Being his patient, I have experienced his sincere devotion towards his work.”

Mahesh Shah

“I am sure that each and every patient of Dr. Prajakt has experienced best quality dental treatment from him. I have always seen him punctual with respect to his working hours. Because of his sincerety, politeness, neatness, disciplined and devoted work. He has reached the peak of success at very young age.”