Arti Singh, (IPS)
Commissioner of Police, Amravati

“The clinical acumen of Dr. Prajakt Binayake is superb. The confidence adds to the overall bearing which calms down the anxiety of a naïve patient. Results are great. All the best!”

RJ Shryeas (Radio)
92.7 BIG FM #BadeNawaab

“I was quite ignorant about my dental health till the day I started feeling immense pain.
I consulted a few other Dental Experts and they were sure to advise me of my tooth removal, which actually terrified me. However, the day I consulted you, the very first thing which clam me down was your word of confidence about no need of tooth removal. Soon as the Root Canal treatment started, you were always making me feel comfortable as well as confident that those teeth won’t be removed but can be cured well. And today, after successfully completing RC for my 2 teeth, I must say you are one of the finest Dental expert I have ever came across. The dental procedure was truly ‘Painless’ & very much comforting. I can’t express my happiness after I could chew as regularly as I could do. Heartfelt Thanks…!!Moreover, I would like to extend my thanks to entire support team at ‘House of Dentistry’, who were very caring & the hospitality received was really commendable. Special mention of cleanliness, sanity, discipline & pleasant atmosphere at the Hospital. I truly appreciate your time & expertise made my dental problem vanish & also heartfelt thanks for educating me how to take good care my teeth in future. I fully recommend everyone for any dental problems, please consult Dr. Prajakt Binayake & get the best in class dental treatment.
Thank you.”

Dr. Sampada Bhagwat (Norway)
Research Asst. at University of Oslo

“My name is Dr. Sampada Bhagwat. I live in Norway and work as a research scientist at the University of Oslo. It is indeed a pleasure to express my views and share my experience at the ‘House of Dentistree’. Congratulations on completing 13 successful years of practice. The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the House of Dentistree is ‘Painless dental treatment’. Thank you very much for changing my views about dentists and dental treatment, which otherwise seemed very scary to me. I have had very pleasant and satisfactory experiences with my dental treatments at the ‘House of Dentistry’. Dr. Binayake has a very nice and secured approach for treating his patients. He makes good efforts to make his patients comfortable and educates them about the process being performed. I wish you and all at the House of Dentistree many more successful years ahead!”

Dr. Sagar Darvekar, (Norway)
Research Scientist, Cancer Hospital, Oslo

“First of all a Big Congratulations to “House of Dentistree” and Dr. Prajakt Binayake for completing 13 successful years of dentistry practice.  My name is Dr. Sagar Darvekar and I am working as a Research Scientist in a Cancer Hospital, Oslo, Norway.  During my India visits, I always visit House of Dentistree to fix my dental problems.  I have very pleasant experience with the professionals at House of Dentistree and especially with Dr. Prajakt Binayake.  I am impressed with Dr. Binayake’s professional attitude and his dentistry services. He allows his patient to understand what is being done and makes sure that they are satisfied with their dental treatment. I would definitely recommend dental patients to visit House of Dentistree . Wish you the best Dr. Prajakt Binayake!”

Col. Sameer Raut

“A very pleasant personality blessed with a number of adorable qualities. but the one which appeals to me the most is his total dedication and professional approach towards every patient whom he treats. Being an Army person myself, I admire his disciplined conduct in whatever he does. So far I must have visited at least 20 to 25 different dentist all over India that includes Army Dental centers also. Therefore without any hesitation, I can say that I have enjoyed being Dr. Prajakt’s patient and can easily rate him above all others who have treated me so far. I sincerely wish him higher pinnacles in life and greater accolades in his career too!”

Dr. Peshotan Jalnawalla
Dr. Peshotan Jalnawalla

“I have observed Dr. Prajakt Binayke carrying out procedure on a patient. I was impressed with his professional approach and kind and encouraging conversation with the patient. I am sure this attitude of his will take his far in his professional career. My best wishes to Dr. Prajakt.”

Shehernaz Jalnawalla

“A person is never very comfortable to be on a dental chair but as a patient I have Found Dr. Prajakt to be a very patient, gracious Humane with exemplary good manners, who makes the person feel as comfortable as possible. Wishing Dr. Prajakt all the best.”

Dr. Mona Shah
M.D. Homeopathy

“I can describe Dr. Prajakt Binayake in one word “THE PERFECTIONIST”. His work is his passion. Being his patient, I have experienced his sincere devotion towards his work.”

Mahesh Shah

“I am sure that each and every patient of Dr. Prajakt has experienced best quality dental treatment from him. I have always seen him punctual with respect to his working hours. Because of his sincerity, politeness, neatness, disciplined and devoted work. He has reached the peak of success at very young age.”