Hospital Procedures


When is it Best to Fix a Child’s Teeth at the Hospital Rather Than at the Office?

There are several reasons why it is sometimes best to provide complete dental treatment for a young child in a hospital setting with a general anesthetic.

  • If a child is too young or unable to cooperate for the dental procedure to be done in a regular office setting.
  • If the child needs extensive dental treatment. Many dental procedures are delicate and require that a patient be as cooperative as possible. Dental drills run at very high speeds and the utmost care needs to be taken with their use.
  • Asking a young child to sit in a dental chair for a long period of time for several appointments may simply be impossible for a young child.
  • Your child’s safety is our number one concern. If your child needs to be put to sleep in order to provide complete dental treatment, the hospital is the safest place to do it.