Dental Development

Dental Development


Tooth Formation:

During the 4th month of pregnancy your baby’s primary (baby) teeth begin to form. Their formation isn’t complete until approximately 1 year of age. The development of your baby’s permanent (adult) teeth began at birth and will continue to 12-13 years of age. Proper diet and nutrition are important from birth to 13 years of age for the development of strong, healthy

teeth. Proper fluoride intake during the tooth forming years assures the greatest chance that your child’s teeth will be as strong and healthy as possible.

Tooth Eruption:

Teeth usually erupt according to a common pattern and average dates. Considerable variability may exist however and should not be a cause for concern. The eruption of the first tooth occurs normally around 6 months of age. The eruption of the first few teeth is sometimes associated with symptoms and is referred to as “teething.” Symptoms are sore gums, restlessness, irritability and disruption of eating and sleeping habits may be present, which may cause some disturbance in the digestive system resulting in loose stools. The claim that “teething” causes serious illness, persistent diarrhea, ear infections and the like is purely a myth. A sick child should be evaluated by a physician and not passed off as “just teething.” Treatment for the symptoms consists of having the infant chew on something cold for its soothing effect such as refrigerated teething ring, etc. Your dentist should be able to provide you with further information is necessary.