Prevention of Baby’s Tooth Decay

Babies can get cavities before age two!

Prevention-of-Babys-Tooth-Decay-400-x-300-PX One of the major goals we have as parents is to do our best to assure that our children grow and develop properly and enjoy the best state of health possible. The health professions have virtually eliminated many once-dreaded diseases through effective immunization programs. Yet the prevention of such diseases as the common cold, the flu and the like still remains undiscovered. However, with our current knowledge and technology, the most common disease of childhood is entirely preventable. Yes, it is entirely possible to prevent the disease that affects most children in the world – DENTAL CARIES (tooth decay).

Although total prevention of dental caries is possible, it is not necessarily a simple one-step procedure nor can it be postponed for too long a time. Toddlers and even infants only 10-12 months old can suffer from tooth decay. Unfortunately, parents usually receive information on caries prevention during their child’s first visit to the dentist, which traditionally occurs at 3 years of age. In order to prevent dental caries in young children, preventative measures must be undertaken during infancy, prior to 1 year of age. Preventative efforts must be continuous, consistent and should include the areas of infant tooth cleaning, infant feeding practices, diet management and fluoride therapy. When each of these areas are approached early and conscientiously, the prevention of dental caries is possible.

Parents should receive preventative information, advice and instructions early so that the decisions regarding oral cleanliness, diet and snacking habits which are generally made by parents during their child’s first year of life can be made in the best interests of dental health.
When all aspects of prevention are begun during infancy, the pain and discomfort, inconvenience and expense of treatment associated with dental caries can be avoided. Having you child examined not later than 1 year of age by a dentist experienced in the examination and prevention of caries in infants and young children is the only way to effectively learn the best approach to preventing dental caries in your child.