Enamel Shaping

Enamel shaping: A small procedure with Big results.

If you’re one of those lucky souls who has almost perfect teeth, we’re jealous. But, there may be a minor flaw or two that just gets under your skin. Unlike bigger cosmetic dental procedures (like veneers), enamel shaping is a quick and easy way to resolve minor dental flaws.

Enamel shaping can address many dental nuisances like uneven front teeth, small chips, sharp canine teeth, and unbalanced smiles caused by irregularly shaped teeth. To recreate your smile, we remove or restructure the outer surface of your teeth to create a uniform appearance. In most cases, you only need to visit our office once to achieve the desired results. Additionally, enamel shaping requires no sedation or anesthesia.

While enamel shaping results are immediate, they’re also permanent. At HOUSE OF DENTISTREE , we’ll discuss this treatment and determine whether it’s the appropriate solution for you.

Before-and-After-Recontouring-400-x-300-PX Enamel-Shaping-400-x-300-PX
Enamel-Shaping Enamel-Shaping